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Cleaning & Hygiene for Equine

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Dechra MalAcetic Shampoo (DermaPet)

Formulated for dogs, cats and horses Soap-free, cleansing, drying, antimicrobial For support of healthy skin for animals with bacterial and/or fungal skin conditions.

$17.88 CAD
Dechra MalAcetic Wet Wipes/Dry Bath (DermaPet)

MalAcetic Wet Wipes are used on dogs and cats to promote healthy skin in animals with bacterial and / or fungal conditions.

$16.99 - $44.11 CAD
DermAllay Oatmeal Shampoo (DermaPet)

DermaPet DermAllay Oatmeal Shampoo is a hypo-allergenic gentle cleansing shampoo with oatmeal and natural moisturizing factors. Gives relief for pets with dry, itchy skin.

$15.63 - $135.17 CAD
DermAllay Oatmeal Spray Conditioner (DermaPet)

Formulated for dogs, cats and horses. Gentle, soothing Conditioner.

$17.32 CAD
DermaLyte Shampoo

Gentle soap-free shampoo for routine bathing of animals with normal, sensitive or dry skin. Moisturizes and helps to relieve dry, itchy skin, helping to keep the skin supple.

$15.63 - $112.38 CAD
Duo Magic Odor Skunk Shampoo and Neutralizer

This Duo contains : 1 Magic Neutralizer for Skunk Odor on pet 250 ml and 1 Magic Odor Skunk Shampoo 250 ml.

$17.79 CAD
Mane 'n Tail and Body Shampoo

An exclusive original formula containing high lathering, cleansing agents fortified with moisturizers and emollients.

$13.11 CAD
Maxi Guard Oral Cleansing Wipes

Quick and Easy Wipe Application.

$28.17 CAD
Maxi Guard OraZn Gel

Easy applicator tip, taste-free formulation, and neutralized zinc cleansing.

$18.36 CAD
OptixCare Cleaning Solution Eye Cleaner

The Optixcare Eye Cleaning Solution is a gentle and effective formulation to cleanse around the eye, specifically to remove debris and eye secretions.

$8.83 CAD
OptixCare Eye Cleaning Wipes

Optixcare Eye Wipes is another presentation of the cleaning solution. Each soft pack contains 50 soft cloth wipes, saturated with the Eye Cleaning Solution.

$8.82 CAD
Orange aPeel Shampoo and Conditioner

Orange aPEEL For Pets has the same specifications as our regular Orange aPEEL®™. Used by groomers, kennel owners and veterinarians for multiple cleaning purposes also reduces the odour of disinfectant.

$10.57 - $32.97 CAD

Removes all traces of skunk spray from dogs, other pets, people, clothes, cars, homes. Available as a shampoo, soaker, or spray.

$10.97 - $117.83 CAD
Virbac Allergroom Shampoo


$14.70 - $21.67 CAD
Virbac Epi-Soothe Shampoo or Cream Rinse

Virbac's Epi-Soothe soap-free shampoo and cream rinse conditer soothes, hydrates, and controls mild itch for cats, dogs, and horses.

$6.21 - $27.22 CAD $12.41 - $27.22 CAD