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Vitamins & Supplements for Horses

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4CYTE Horse Epitalis Forte Oral Gel

This unique formulation contains compounds required to support normal joint function for Equines.

$151.04 - $551.72 CAD
Bio H Powder

Biotin, Zinc Methionine and Vitamin E on carriers for Horses.

$125.46 CAD
Cal-Mag Plus

As an aid in the treatment of milk fever and other calcium, glucose, magnesium and phosphorus deficiencies in adult cattle, sheep, horses and swine.

$18.95 CAD
CT Support Equine

Glucosamine with MSM, DMG, Anti-Oxidants & Trace Minerals

$82.10 CAD
Electrolyt 7 Equistro

Dietetic feeding stuff containing a high concentration of electrolytes, vitamin E and readily assimilated vitamin C and zinc.

$57.95 CAD
Equi Sol Syrop

EQUISOL is a Vitamin-Iron-Mineral liquid feed supplement for horses, sheep and goats formulated to provide supplemental vitamins and minerals.

$69.59 CAD
Equiicell R

Equicell-R is a liquid feed supplement for horses, fortified with iron and formulated to provide supplemental vitamins and minerals

$38.22 CAD
Equine Super Diet

Pelletized highly concentrated vitamin-trace mineral supplement for mixing in the feed of pregnant mares, growing foals, race horses, saddle horses, show horses, work horses and ponies.

$53.95 CAD
Equistro Mega-Blud

This feed supplement is intended for addition to the grain ration of horses to replace certain vitamins and minerals.

$77.26 CAD
Equitop Gonex

Equitop® Gonex® supports and stimulates the mobility and maintenance of healthy joints in horses.

$128.70 CAD
Equitop Myoplast

Equitop Myoplast is a unique high quality 100% natural, amino acid suppliment that provides the raw ingredients for lean muscle development

$111.44 CAD
E-SE Injection

Horses: E-SE is recommended for the control of the following clinical signs when associated with myositis (Selenium-Tocopherol Deficiency) syndrome: rapid respiration, profuse sweating, muscle spasms and stiffness, elevated SGOT.

$129.75 CAD
Excel E Equistro

Excell E is an equine supplement particularly recommended to help maintain a healthy muscle function and integrity and for assisting horses following an increased demand relating to muscular exertion and tension.

$37.25 - $124.10 CAD
Gastro FX

To help maintain a healthy intestinal tract. For horses.

$132.95 CAD
Glu-3000 Powder

Glucosamine HCl Powder Salt Free (from shrimp shells, 99+% pure).

$37.88 - $258.95 CAD
Glucosamine-MSM-Vitamin C

Joint health support for Horses. Molasses flavoured, top dressed powder Contains (per 26 gram serving): Glucosamine HCL 10,000 mg, MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 10,000 mg, Vitamin C 3,000 mg.

$57.12 CAD

● Glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM help to maintain flexibility, mobility and the health of cartilage and joints.

$36.36 CAD
Kerabol Biotin Equistro

Kerabol Biotin is a state-of-the-art combination of three gold standard hoof health ingredients: biotin, zinc and the amino acid methionine.

$87.70 CAD
Legaphyton Equistro

To support liver function and hoof integrity. Legaphyton also supplies high quality proteins and carbohydrates that are readily assimilated, which is particularly useful in animals whose digestion is disrupted.

$105.95 CAD
Myo Power Equistro

MYO POWER is a pelleted equine supplement destined to support a healthy muscular development and condition.

$97.46 - $153.95 CAD